Regenwurm Retters

Welcome to this wondrous virtual space.

As you can see we have created a living room to gather and connect the Regenwurm-Retters from around the world.

What is all this about? Well, have you listened to the song Regenwurm-Retter yet? That might be the best introduction.

So how did you get here? Through one of our mysterious stickers? If so, we are so very curious to know where you have spotted it. If the meaning of the song speaks to you and you want to show yourself in all your puddle-hopping beauty, we invite you to take a picture of yourself and the sticker – wherever that may be – and upload it to our Regenwurm-Retter gallery. We are MANY. We are strong – we are playful! Let this be our anthem. Let’s be truth-talkers, tear-dryers and smile-igniters. Let us gather, let us connect, let us dream-dance till the shoulder-shredders have to laugh 🙂


But there is even a more vibrant way to show yourself! We are making a Regenwurm-Retter music video, and we want YOU in it.

Come back here, or follow me on facebook or on youtube to be the first to find out how to participate!

For now it is time to thank you! Thank all of you star-gazers for being thousand little fireflies that turn a dark night into an enchanting garden of wonders. Even the glimmest light of such a tiny creature can make all the difference.

So thank you for letting your light shine… I see you <3



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Upload your picture / video with a sticker

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How can you be part of this?

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